The Treaties Themselves

For copies and transcripts and translations of the treaties in SENCOTEN and Lekwungen see the Treaties Tab.

Coming out of the Conference

Twelve different settler and Indigenous historians expanded their analyses of the Vancouver Island Treaties that they had presented at the 2017 conference and these were published in 2021 as To Share Not Surrender: Indigenous and Settler Visions of Treaty Making in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia edited by Peter Cook,, Neil Vallance, John Sutton Lutz, Graham Brazier and Hamar Foster, (UBC Press). See the table of contents.

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Recorded Oral Histories

Published Secondary Sources (Print)

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Court Cases

There are five major court decisions concerning the Vancouver Island Treaties. Four of them are summarized in an article by Hamar Foster and Neil Vallance published in the Victoria Daily Colonist.